Treatment/Working Title

Working title: Hugs, not arms

Style: Cinéma Vérité

Visual Treatment:


Starting with voiceover, we hear Melanie talking about her activism whilst the title flashes over the blurred screen and it fades afterwards. She sits in a deep purple and red room, with paintings, pictures and banners displaying civil rights and anti war messages. She states that the overall aim for both herself and the C.A.A.T. would be to close down the arms fair for good. The audio is recorded during a sit down interview that is not filmed.

On the screen we see the paintings and banners displayed around her house and all the notes she has taken throughout the years. We also capture the look of her writing on her blog that she keeps.


The voiceover is still on and Melanie is talking about what the mainstream media doesn’t share with its viewers is the place where these countries buy their warfare weapons from. Melanie has attended the arms fair that takes place in London every two years where countries gather to buy war weapons and through her personal archive footage we will be able to see how it looks as well.

Melanie talks about the illegality to use military arms such as nuclear weapons and fighter jets in the U.K., however there are many companies such as : Systems and Lockheed Martin who produce and sell these weapons to countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia that use them for combat purposes. We are filming a protest in Birmingham against Elbit Systems and we also show the Lockheed Martin’s Coventry based offices.


We end with footage from the protest and we hear Melanie question the morality and humanity of the arms trade and the weapon sellers. She states that human life is so undervalued for money. She cannot understand how can they live with themselves.

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One thought on “Treatment/Working Title

  1. Good character. Whilst the issues are clear there is not a strong visual sense of what we see so you need to reexamine this using Picture Logic. There is a lot of potential visually and I need to get a stronger sense of the beginning, ending, colour and soundscaping as was discussed in the seminar. You also need to be clear on the main focus as this is such a rich subject you may drown in it. You need to respond to this comment before next class and also make sure the Shooting Script is detailed. The film has a lot of potential that needs to come through on paper first. Much of what you said in class sounded very good in terms of how you would approach this so make sure that is in the Shooting Script.


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