Shooting Script/Storyboard

Picture Sound
Close up of Melanie chopping food with a sharp blade, slowly zooming out to a mid shot.


We hear Melanie talking about her start as an activist.


Following Melanie around her house, showing us relevant pieces to her activism activities. We have close ups of the important documents and pictures that she says stand out to her. She will be moving quite quick with excitement coming in and out of frame at times showing us her work. V.O.  about the pieces she will show us.


Extreme wide shot of the street with buildings, then begin to zoom in narrowing the focus on one particular building. (Lockheed Martin Building). Shots on the doorstep of the building.


She begins to explain about the Lockheed Martin Building in Coventry and the involvement of the company with the arms fair.


A selection of wide, mid and close up shots of protesters at the arms fair.


Hear the loud and proud chanting and singing of the protesters against the arms trade.


Cut to personal archive footage. A few selected relevant clips of past protests.


V.O of her explaining what the arms fair is and what has been going on throughout the year.


A wide shot of Melanie spending time with her children mixed in with a few close ups of her face and her child/children playing and enjoying themselves for depth. Begins to fade out slowly to black.


We begin to hear the personal side of why she thinks her activism is important, what she hopes to achieve from her work as an activist (V.O.).


Introduce the credits as the roll up the screen with pictures of Melanie at the protest and in her activism work on either side of the credits. No sound.




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