Lighting from a photograph.
A short film inspired by Rembrandt’s painting “Man in a room”.
Produced by Kai, Harry, and Auzair.

Sound effects courtesy of, and


A Man In a Room 



For the third task, we were given the above image and instructed to use it to influence a 1-2 minute short film. Our main objective was to create a cinematic representation of the image with a specific emphasis on the lighting in the image.

After viewing the image, we decided to use the Cathedral as our focal point for the short film. We felt that the large pillars and archways will create a similar shadow to those in the image. However this provided a slight difficulty as the Cathedral is a large open space, so to create this lighting it would have to be dark outside (night or early morning) and we would have to solely use artificial lighting.

We chose to shoot late at night where the Cathedral would be empty as it is usually busy, but the Cathedral gates were locked. So we decided to use a small archway just outside the original location we were supposed to shoot it.

We lost the great archways and corners that we had originally planimg_1976ned to use so we had to set up the shoot in a way that would create a strong contrast of light and dark tones. To create the lighting in we used two LED Panels projected on the left had side of the frame, to create the strong contrast of light and dark seen in the long shot. To film, we used two Canon 70d’s on tripods and a slider.


We found that the most difficult part of the film was the timing of the gun shot at the end as we didn’t want to show too much of the actress’ face as we didn’t have the luxury of special effects to create a blood splatter.


The gun shot was slightly too early, doesn’t look entirely real.


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